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If you want to quickly regain their financial receivables from debtors .
Call us !
tel.: 882-560-115

EX-LEGE operates since 2014.
Our company specialize in establishing the hidden debtor`s financial status, i.e. debtor`s properties and financial fluency.
We are the only company that posses the appropriate apparatus for establishing the hidden debtor`s goods.
We operate in the Poland area and we cooperate with operational groups in East and West Europe especially in Ukraine and Russia.
During 20 years of our company existence, we have gathered numerous credentials, given by our clients in a form of thanks for recovering their receivables in a prompt way.
These credentials are the evidence that we execute our tasks consistently so as to meet the requirements of our clients.

It has to be restated that the EX-LEGE functions on the market for many years, therefore we are well-known for the highest quality of our services.
Having the most appropriate instruments we bring our cases to a positive end without involving any court authorities.
It has to be underscored that our company respects our client`s time.
Court cases are considered to be extremely time-consuming, that is why we would like to protect our clients from protracted trials and the inevitability of prolonged waiting for court sentence.
In order to start the procedure of debts recovery we just need to be provided with the suitable evidentiary material, such as contracts, invoices, bills or orders for payment.
The amount of operational costs as well as the remuneration is estimated individually in the presence of the client, since we think that every case should be considered separately.
The costs are estimated according to the amount of a debt (the provision amounts from 10 to 15 percent).
We treat every entrusted case with solicitude and professionalism.
If you are interested in our proposal please call us immediately to tell us about your problem.
We will try to adjust the offer to your needs.
Our company cooperate with operational groups in the Ukraine area in such cities as: Kiev, Lwow, Tranopol, Winnica, Crimea, Donieck and in the Russian area in such cities as: Sankt Petersburg and Moscow.
We also cooperate with operational groups in countries of the rest part of the Europe: Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, England and Ireland.
Furthermore we take pride in cooperating with many bailiffs in the whole Poland area (we estimate the financial status of the debtors on commission of the bailiffs).

Claims which others are guilty of companies or individuals are a big problem. Debtors may harm the liquidity of your company, and thus – prevent effective action.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is quite simple. Our company meets the expectations of people and businesses that can not recover the money owed to them. Many years of activity in the industry and conducted hundreds of debt collection allowed us to craft an appropriate system of debt collection.

We ensure that we work effectively even in seemingly hopeless situations. This is because we employ qualified professionals, who in addition to the standard sending demands for payment, take direct action.

Observing the debtors enables the discovery of even the most covert movable goods, real estate and financial resources. We take actions immediately after obtaining of your evidence for the existence of the debt, such as invoices and receipts.

Each time we take care of professionalism and integrity. In the interests of our clients we operate throughout the European Union and in Eastern Europe.

We encourage you to contact us and take advantage of our professional services!

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